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NY Bar Association Report: Supermax Isolation = Torture - This report addressed the dramatic growth of "supermax" confinement facilities in the United $tates over the past three decades and highlights the conditions of torture and violations of domestic and international law.

Supreme Court to review prison Control Unit classification - The Supreme Court agreed to take up the case of classifying prisoners into super maximum-security prisons, looking specifically at how prisoners are classified into these prisons. Most states have the prisons, that go by many names, including Supermax and Control Units.

Mental Illness and Control Units - [A] Correctional Association of New York report found that the incidence of suicide and other harmful behaviors was higher in Security Housing Units (SHUs) than in the general (prison) population. "Between 1998 and 2001, over half of the system's 48 suicides occurred in 23-hour lock down, although inmates in these units comprise less than 10% of the general population."

Alternatives to Control Units: A Revolutionary Perspective - Prisons can be made safer under the current system, but this goes counter to the interests of the prison administration to keep power over the imprisoned. Therefore until the proletariat decides who goes to prison and how the prison system is used there will be torture and violence in prisons.

U.S. Prisons Prove Maddening - a review of Prison Madness: the Mental Health Crisis Behind Bars and What We Must Do About it by Terry Kupers, M.D.

Total Confinement: Maddness and Reason in the Maximum Security Prison - a review of the book by Lorna A. Rhodes

Anti-Imperialist Prisoner Network Puts Out Newsletter - The front page article attacks the use of the Special Housing Units or Control Units to repress revolutionary organizing. It exposes the tactics of torture that are used on a daily basis against New Afrikans

Unlock the Box!:Conference builds struggle to shut down prison control units - October 8 -- Activists representing numerous organizations, former prisoners and family members came from across California to attend an organizing conference on control units in U$ prisons hosted by the United Front to Abolish the Security Housing Units (SHU).

Shutting down Control Units and the World Revolution - The control units are often deemed 'gang units' and one of the primary excuses for their necessity is to deal with the supposedly out of control gangs. But we must see the War on Gangs, the War on Crime and the War on Terror for what they are, its all a part of the War on Oppressed Nations being led by the U$ imperialists and the Amerikan oppressor nation in general.