Anti-Imperialist Prisoner Network Puts Out Newsletter

Allied Resistance
c/o Kansas Mutual Aid
PO Box 442438
Lawrence, KS 66044
(free subscriptions to prisoners)

We were recently contacted by Kansas Mutual Aid regarding the April 2005 release of the Allied Resistance Network's newsletter. Kansas Mutual Aid is the outside support for the Allied Resistance Network(ARN), which is a prison abolition movement made up of many familiar comrades caged in u$ concentration camps. The first issue of the ARN newsletter is recommended by MIM, and We hope to see the network develop in the direction it has started.

The front page article attacks the use of the Special Housing Units or Control Units to repress revolutionary organizing. It exposes the tactics of torture that are used on a daily basis against New Afrikans, no different from what the united $tates is doing to large groups of Arabs in prisons abroad. This is a crucial issue to be addressed by revolutionaries that We have been campaigning around since our comrades were first sent to these hi-tek torture units years ago. MIM is helping to organize a conference to unite the nationwide struggle to shut down all control units in San Francisco on October 8 entitled "Unlock the Box" and We invite Kansas Mutual Aid and all progressive prison activists to participate.

The other featured article gives a biting critique of amerikan opulence, excess and complicity in mass murder around the globe. It makes a righteous call for collective responsibility, asserting that "unless you take a stand 'against' oppression and exploitation in any form or fashion, you are for it. You are a silent partner to Imperialism." With every blow from the oppressed against u$ targets a small minority of amerikans are awakened to this very question. Within the oppressor nation, the best possibility for an anti-imperialist movement is coming from the perspective of collective responsibility.

Kansas Mutual Aid righteously recognizes that, "It was the Vietnamese resistance, not the American activists that stopped the Vietnam War. It will be the victims of the U.S. prison system that end the war against them as well." Prisons are a tool of social control, hence it is natural that the most likely enemies of u$ imperialism end up in its prisons. That is why a genuine anti-imperialist movement must provide strong support to comrades behind bars. Our struggle depends on it.

While MIM unites with the efforts of the ARN as it has manifested so far, We do not call for prison abolition at this time. We do propose a revolutionary system of re-education modeled after that of Maoist China to serve as a tool of repression of the bourgeoisie and its allies under a future socialist state. However, prison abolition is not something We see as a reality under capitalism or even socialism. It is only after the end of class struggle that We can envision an abolition of the tools of the state. That is why the anti-imperialist struggle and anti-prison struggle are one in the same. Anti-imperialist forces are shipped to concentration camps in the united $tates, and there will be no end to this without an end to imperialism itself.